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;;i'm the stomach of new found love. [entries|friends|calendar]
someone who somehow ;medicates;

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and there's another for my throat. a placebo in my gut. [Monday, November 21st, 2005
at 10:10pm]
[ mood | giddy about the new pgmg album ]

i'm a diver without a vessel.
blue and black polka dots,
crazy red drips,
you're the overworked lover in
sweaty situations.

i like bridge piercings,
(a lot) and i do not care how gross you think they are.
i like bones,
and will someday be nothing but.
you have bugbite lips,
and teeth i want to kiss,
a nose i want to rub,
and metal i want to currrrl.
i'm chewing tablets like
licking tongues,
obsessive, compulsive.

an honorary submarine
stuck in my ribcage.
let's have a new adventure,

why.Collapse )

the best birthday package should be an empty box contained with smiles and the smell of cinnamon. [Sunday, November 20th, 2005
at 8:22pm]
[ mood | feed me a pretty story. ]

what fun! i had such a good time last night at your party, sawee. much thanks for inviting me. your friends are a slew of cute and cuddly looking kids, who i wanted to hug all night!
and gio has the best taste ever.
seriously, such a great night. also, your mom is the bomb, sarah. THE BOMB. maltesers, marshmallows and m&ms at 1am? she was so excited to fill us up with candy, it was cute.
mucho love to bri & billy, also♥.
and you were such a hot minx last night, sawee. little trollop! i keed, i love thee to the exxxxxtreme max!!

next weekend is (maybe) loren's 21st birthday drinks. sounds boring to me, unfortunately. because most of her friends are dicks, and i doubt i can stand them for much longer than ten minutes. so i'll probably blow them off and just go straight into the valley for some drinks. aw, depot i've missed you so hardcore.
kids, we're going to shake this town up again.


serial killer. [Friday, November 18th, 2005
at 10:23pm]
dear god.
or anybody.
please tell me what i can use to stop my nose running and blocking up. i just want to be able to breathe by tomorrow night, so i don't choke on my own vomit.
love, cassie.

ps. i've always been your biggest fan.

oh suave. [Friday, November 18th, 2005
at 1:30am]
[ mood | weeee. :D~ ]

jeremy came! and i love him, so much. so it was denis, jeremy, bub & i. there were lots of hugs, a couple of drinks, and three amazing bands. we walked up when wendy icon were on stage, and phwoar. they are so energetic and completely captured my attention. i don't know whether it was the breakdowns or the melodic wails. i think it was everything, really. i wanted a shirt so bad, but they had no sizes left.
trial kennedy, i had no idea what to expect, but they just blew me away. they were emotionally gripping, with hard charged choruses and a sense of shyness, that made everything they did seem contradictory. i couldn't understand how they could be such individuals, by the third song, i was convinced they were going to be my new favourite melbourne band. oh, and the guitarist reminds me of mike from incubus.
the hot lies. they are so emoxcore, duh. ahah, but they were pretty cool. i just adored the first two bands too much, i think. but what a headliner - really, greatt!

i've recently discovered i have this problem, with being right. when i completely know i am right, and my opinions are more relevant than yours, it is hard to keep to myself. like, if somebody tells you to go to some place, that i know isn't as good, or the service is shit, or the quality is just nowhere near where it should be, fucking hell, listen to me.
oh, and even if it is a specific subject i do not particulary care about, i am still right, and you are still wrong.
because i fucking know what i'm talking about.
i won't challenge you, if all i have is bullshit.
so don't make statements when you're pissing in the wind.



i am coming down with the flu i think, what perfect timing. [Thursday, November 17th, 2005
at 1:16am]
[ mood | sleepy with a stuffy nose. ]

tonight lonni & jeremy pulled out of going to wendy icon. so denis is still driving & he is taking bub (jeremy's younger brother) & i. i called backseat, because i get to lay down ahah. and shotgun isn't fun when there's three people. but i'm excited!

sawee, um, your party, don't you have a pool? should i bring togs? i'm kind of lost as to what to bring & what time we're getting shoofed out, lol.

next friday i'm doing an extra shift at kangaroo point (uh, six shifts, yay). it's something crazy like 8pm-430am. but that's going to give me something like an extra 150/250. depends on if they allow us double time & a half, for overtime (an extra shift AND graveyard rates). it's kind of exciting. i'm sure i'll hate the kids there, but denis will be working there at the same time, as well.

broken social scene tickets are 42$ & the booking fee.
the shins are 40$ & booking fee.
let's get excited about les savy fav.
and wow, mudvayne are coming back already. i wish slipknot would come back again, so i do not have to choose between them & le tigre.


but honey. i was saying that i'm not made of love, i'm just made of money. [Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
at 6:09pm]
[ mood | whacky! ]

summer is coming quick quick quick. i had today off, and did everything i wanted to do, and nothing i should have done.

these kisses won't rust. +6Collapse )
two quick storiess.Collapse )

thank you tabitha love, i owe you a squillion monopoly dollahs♥ [Monday, November 14th, 2005
at 2:59am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

she has brought me fantastic news. first everything else.
did the cousin thing today, she was the big 1-8. all you crazy kids born at the end of the year, in 1987. anyway. we did breakfast, then we went to spinakkers (sp?) at redcliffe. ooh yum. aha, i got all excited because there was a bloke there with his nape pierced, and i think i almost squealed with girly love. 'that is what mine is supposed to look like!' i told my mom. mine is still not healed, and the tygon hasn't even been cut yet. suck.
i should get my nose pierced on tuesday if i get my credit card in the mail. good idea, cassie. you're starting to get boring, again.
i might also get some coloured hair dye. i was thinking really pale green. or pale pink, nothing bright.

anyway. this is amazing. les savy fav are playing at the zoo on march third, next year. fuckk. everybody should come.
i'm making maurice take me on a date. oh, and thunderbirds are now! are supporting (with the hold steady - who i've never heard, but they're all on the same label). THREE international acts, kids. jeeez, and tickets to les savy fav/pgmg were only thirty dollars last year. fangirl squeal.
i am going to be broke every thursday, again. it will be like the good ol' days when denis and i used to go out three nights a week, and rarely on weekends. they were fond, and i never needed to spend more than one hundred.

anyway. my point is, um. i've ordered my volcano, i'm still excited!! cd from rocking horse, from the really nice guy who is always pleasant and not 'sometimes' pleasant, or 'sometimes' wearing a smile. ALWAYS. and i like him for that alone. because i can't even imagine being a sad fuck, if i worked there. herrro durream jobbu.

ps. i will die if kanye tours next year, too.


today. [Saturday, November 12th, 2005
at 10:08pm]
[ mood | weee~! ]

i made a new hair clip.
i suspect i will have to wire the ribbon.


the plot to blow up the eiffel tower. [Thursday, November 10th, 2005
at 10:57pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

and oh, how explosive! completely out of control. they were sexual spastics, and i felt like a naive virgin.
you should have all been there.

maurice is probably the most amazing person in the whole world to me, right now. he's given me the best news in forever. broken social scene are touring in february. excitement to the max. i really really hope stars or metric support. i'll be happy with anybody off the arts-crafts label, really. except - and as horrible as this sounds - i would really prefer if new buffalo didn't support. for the only reason that, she is australian, and there will be many more opportunities to see her. like the next time she tours with ben lee. ahah.

my cousin turns 18 on sunday, we're having lunch. i'll probably drink.
i wish i had darker lashes. tint? saturday will be a hairdresser day. yay. except i'll cut my own hair this time, thanks. i'll be getting colours put through my hair next time. i have great ideas.

wendy icon is looking good, in a week. i think denis is driving. so jeremy, lonni & i will probably end up completely retarded. awesome.
friday night a girl denis knows is having a house party, with on/ox and the french horns playing. he wanted to go, but er. that situation sounds uncomfortable, personally.

nibble nobby's nuts, kids.


roll rubber ducky. [Saturday, November 5th, 2005
at 10:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

today was exciting! i bought some new jeans from dfo today. i love jeans, i could sleep in them all the time. they're what i feel most comfortable in! i also saw some really really nice tank/shirts, but they were 40$ each and i had 30$ to spare, sighhs.

the retro shop on lutwyche road is too expensive. i'm sorry that i refuse to pay 145$ for a dress. not when i can get it on ebay for 50$. but they did have really hot 20s dresses. the price just made me cry.

we saw a crow lying on the road today when we were driving past, it had been hit. it was a main road, and there were cars everywhere, another two crows were trying to help it. and we were driving away over a hill, and i had two tears. it was struggling to survive. i think i was quiet the rest of the way home.

we also went to spotlight, and i got some buttons & material to make a large bow clip. i almost picked up some kilt pins to make a pin badge, but i didn't have any wire.

there are a lot of good gigs coming up. here's a taste.

november 9, the zoo
the scare

november 26, the zoo
THE SCARE -ep launch
the valentino's
the french horns

november 30, the basement
parkway drive

december 2, the rev

december 3, the zoo
human homeless benefit:
supports: brindle, marcello, young eleanor

december 7, the zoo
damn arms

i was considering going to matchbook romance. but we'll see the money situation, so close to christmas. there are more bands, i know there are. but this is all that i can remember at the moment.
tonight i missed out on the amity affliction, naked burn, knifefight opus & coma lies. i'm mainly disappointed with the first two, as they're two of, if not the, best hardcore bands in brisbane. it's okay.
so i slept from about 3:30 till 8:30. i'm mighty awake.


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